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What Alternatives Does APC Offer Kwarans?



Anyone conversant with political trends in Nigeria will agree that KWARA state is one of the hotspots during the 2019 elections. The opposition APC is desperate to wrestle power off the ruling PDP in the state. Nigerians are hopeful for a free, fair and credible election in the state.


Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq is the gubernatorial aspirant of the APC in the upcoming elections. This is not the first time the name is coming up in the political atmosphere of KWARA, it would be recalled that, he contested the KWARA central senatorial seat under the PDP in 2011 and he was soundly defeated. He was also the CPC gubernatorial candidate in the same 2011 elections in KWARA state. *Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, though not a newbie is a quite unpopular man among the KWARA electorates*, he is one of the *diaspora politicians who visit KWARA once in four years to come and contest electoral seats*. These *diaspora politicians do not relate with the citizenry, attend to their needs or contribute anything to the development of the state*,hence their unpopularity and subsequent woeful performances in elections. They come hoping to reap the rewards of others who have dedicated their Lives to the service of the people of Kwara.


Despite being the gubernatorial candidate of the APC, the unpopularity among the populace still reared its head in the primary elections of the APC in the state. *The APC primary election as reported by reporters and other APC contestants was marred with irregularities and unjust dismissal of candidates before, during and after the elections and also the ambiguous allotment of votes, to ensure the emergence of Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq*. This is unsurprisingly a characteristic trait of the APC everywhere across the nation. This is particularly worrisome to a vast majority of Kwarans, who are concerned about having a free and fair election, devoid of electoral malpractices, vote buying and selling and, rigging of any sort.


One common trait of these diaspora politicians, the bulk of which are APC members is their propensity to spread propaganda against the Bukola Saraki led KWARA PDP. They failed to acknowledge that they were not so eager to visit KWARA before the modernization of the state during the years of Sen. Bukola Saraki as governor of KWARA state and the continuity by the Abdulfatah Ahmed’s administration of the state.


An elite state like KWARA can not at this stage in its development afford to be governed by people of limited education. *A quick look at the educational qualification of Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq and his deputy as released by INEC shows their highest qualification is SSCE*. It is still fresh in the memories of Nigerians how our great nation was brought into recession by men of such average education in the APC. *It is even more alarming because the nation was taken to recession by a SSCE/professor team, what then would a SSCE/SSCE do to the affairs of a state?*


Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq the APC aspirant has no prior governance experience whatsoever. Much had been said of him being an oil magnate and that has at best offered him the experience of running business partnerships or sole proprietorship business model. The oil and gas industry in Nigeria is well known for its sharp practices and questionable deals. *The governance of a state cannot be run like a sole proprietorship business model and requires a high level of transparency and accountability which are traits Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq does not possess*. Little else is known about the man,except that he is the son a of the first Northern lawyer and that *he is a disciple of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who despite the huge revenues flowing into the Lagos state government, has filled Lagos with slums, ghettos and ruled by Agberos*.


*It is admirable for a man to have lofty ambitions, it is even more admirable to work towards your ambitions, but governance of a prosperous states requires more than lofty ambitions. It requires a well though out process, it requires a level of experience,it requires vibrancy, it requires relationship and familiarity with the people of the state so as to know their needs and to have an experience of their day to day life. It requires a certain level of education to have a good grasp of certain simple and complex economic principles. These and many more are the reasons why KWARANS Have unanimously approved of Rt. Hon. Bar. Razak Atunwa as the next executive governor of KWARA state, to place KWARA on the right track of development and stability, peace and harmony*. Itesiwaju KWARA, *OTUNYA*


Concerned Kwarans

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