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The Real Story Behind Babayo’s Decamping to APC

News has filtered into the Nigeria media space, of the defection of a former PDP member in the Northeast; Alhaji Babayo Gamawa, who has since been accused of stealing 500m Naira from the nation’s collective patrimony. The former PDP member’s corruption has always been a talking point in the North East. His reputation sought to throw mud at the PDP’s reputation in the Northeast. At a point, the National working committee of the PDP had to summarily suspend him, pending his acquittal in court from a case against him by the EFCC. However, the PDP sought to give him a soft landing by terming the reason for his suspension as “Anti-party activities.”


To the surprise of Nigerians, the President; Muhammadu Buhari was on standby, to welcome the rogue member. This is the same President who could not attend the burial of 100 plus soldiers killed in Metele. This was the same president who could not attend the burial of 5 Airforce officers who were shut down by Boko Haram. The President’s behavior did not come as a surprise to Nigerians who are in the know, since the President has always focused more on returning for a second term, rather than fighting corruption, securing lives, and creating jobs. The PDP whose mantra is ‘Power to the People’ understands that the voice of the people is the voice of God. The PDP had to bow to the will of the people of the North East concerning the integrity of Alhaji Babayo Gamawa. As such, they had to cut him loose.


For unassuming Nigerians, this would be a rude awakening, seeing the allegedly anti-corruption champion; Buhari, receiving with an open arm, a person seriously accused of stealing 500m from the coffers of the nation. Just like every other ‘saint’ in the APC, there would never be a case against him from the EFCC. Nigerians have been aware of the APC’s affinity to corrupt individuals, and this is the final straw.


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