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Presidential Debate: Why Nigerians disagree with Buhari’s excuse

Atiku was in FIVE States on Tuesday (six, if you count abuja), came to Lagos on Tuesday night, had more meetings on Tuesday night; then woke up Wednesday morning to an 8am strategy meeting. Then he went to a 10am economic interactive session, had FIVE interviews with leading international media (Reuters, BBC world, BBC Hausa, Bloomberg and Financial Times). Then, went on to another meeting with leading lights of the creative industry. At 7pm, he met with Lagos State Christian Association of Nigeria. And, finally, at 11.25pm, he flew out on British Airways to London, on his way to Washington DC.


Thirty three hours after landing in Washington, Atiku flew out on a 10 hour 30 minutes flight direct to Abuja to attend the debate of all presidential candidates, only to learn that Buhari did not turn up.


Conversely, Buhari went from Warri to Kaduna, fell down twice, and then said his schedule is too hectic to allow him debate……….. and he is busy resting down the road in Aso Rock.


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