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“None Of My Fiance’s Family Members Likes Me. Please Help!” – A Nairalander Cries Out

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Am sorry to bother you guys but I need your advice.
I am from Imo state and I met my man (from Enugu state) in 2013 after my NYSC. He was not quite learned but he is hard working so I suggested he rent a house and buy a land since he can afford it, he did.

But when I started spending weekends in his house I found out that he drinks a lot, beats and insults me, telling me he can never marry someone like me, but he also takes care of me as I was unemployed then, I felt it was ignorant and kept enduring and confide in his elder brother’s wife about my dilemma….

To cut long story short, I got a job in 2015 and he got very sick in 2016 so I had to let go of my job to tend to him for 2 months till he traveled for proper treatment.

After 8 months he came back told his brother that he wants to marry me but his brother said no to the extent that the brother pushed me out of his house when I came to visit him as usual…

He got sick again and was diagnosed with brain tumor , I stayed with him in the hospital till he traveled for surgery… While I was with him no one cared to come stay in the hospital as they knew I was there… I stayed in his house more than mine. After a successful surgery, his father died..

I followed him to his village cos I thought it was the right thing to do but his brothers, sisters, mother and uncles told him to send me away, I left there feeling miserable and insulted…

But he kept telling me that he doesn’t want to lose me that we will keep on praying that one-day they will accept me so we can then marry.

I know he loves me… Probably because I was there with him when he was sick…. But am no more that young and I don’t know what will happen later… Am afraid and frustrated….

I don’t know what to do please help me out. I can explain more if u ask I am just confused and depressed. What do I do, how do I cope?

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