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Molar missing in boy’s mouth grows inside his testicle

Doctors in Russia have removed a tooth that was found growing inside a teenage boy’s testicle.

Graphic pictures show the tooth before and after it was removed at the Morozov Children’s Hospital in the ‘rarest of surgeries’.

Incredibly, a molar was missing in the 13 year old’s mouth but had grown instead in one of the adolescent boy’s testicles.

Doctor’s say the surgery was a success and believe the unnamed schoolboy will enjoy good reproductive health when he gets older.

The cause of the rare condition was a teratoid tumour originating before birth due to a stem cell failure, say medics.

The operation was carried out by surgeon Dmitry Tarusin, a senior children’s urologist and andrologist.

‘The tooth was the second molar, or the seventh in the upper jaw,’ said the hospital.


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