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Miley Cyrus Pens Open Love Letter To Her Husband On His Birthday

Miley Cyrus has wished Liam Hemsworth a happy birthday in the most adorable way ever – by posting an open love letter to her husband on Instagram.

In celebration of his 29th year, the singer shared all her favourite things about her “favourite dude” and number one.

“The way you look at me, the way you look at our dogs… our pigs, our horses, our cats, our fish. The way you look at your family… your friends… at strangers… at life,” she began.

The 26-year-old went on to share her admiration of how Liam is “never too proud to ask for help”, and also joked how she loved his “dirty socks on the floor”.

At one point in the letter Miley referred to the Aussie as her boyfriend, but corrected herself saying, “oh em gee I almost forgot you’re my friggen husband now”.

“Put simply… I love YOU. Unconditionally,” she said, rounding off the letter. “In our time together you have displayed what it really means to love thru (sic) all circumstances.

“I respect you and you respect me. If the world had more of this type of understanding we wouldn’t be building more walls but bridges.”

Miley went on to say how proud she was of the person Liam had become, and how much she is looking forward to their future together.

“You and me baby… let’s take this dark place head on and shine thru with the light of L.O.V.E,” Miley said. “Thank you for giving me the happiest days of my life. Yours truly, M.”


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