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Married nursery worker ‘groomed 13 year-old boy and gave birth to his baby’

A married nursery worker regularly had s.e.x with a 13-year-old boy and had his baby, a court has heard.

The alleged relationship is said to have begun one night when Leah Cordice, 20, walked into his bedroom – where he was playing computer games – pulled down his trousers, and started having s.e.x with him.

She secretly continued to have s.e.x with him about twice a month for a year until she gave birth to a baby girl, Reading Crown Court heard on Tuesday.

Cordice married her long-term boyfriend – while she allegedly continued to see the teenager – and he believed the child was his, a jury was told, but a later DNA test revealed the schoolboy was actually the father.

Social services insisted Cordice, from Windsor, Berkshire, took a test after the schoolboy’s mother became suspicious and called the police.

 A jury heard the boy – who cannot be named for legal reasons – told police during an interview: ‘You are supposed to have s.e.x and, like, love each other.

‘It was just like, she just wanted to do it. Now I feel like she did not really care about me.’ The nursery worker is currently on trial and has denied five counts of having sexual activity with a child – three of which were said to have taken place while she was aged 17, and two while she was 18.

 It was heard how Cordice, then aged 17 years, had gone to the boy’s house drunk in January 2017, before heading into his room, where they first started talking normally and watching YouTube.

 Prosecuting, Grace Ong, said the boy later told police during an interview that Cordice then sat on his bed ‘and started to hug him and kiss him and it carried on’. Ms Ong told the court: ‘He said, “I could not really say no. She would have kept asking and asking me to have s.e.x”.

‘He felt that it was a bit weird and that she did not say anything to him afterwards.’ The court heard Cordice and the boy continued having unprotected s.e.x on a regular basis until the start of 2018 – a few weeks before the boy, who had turned 14, was interviewed by police.

It is alleged the schoolboy had been the first person Cordice told she was pregnant and had shown him an app on her phone, suggesting the date she had conceived was the first time they had had s.e.x.

Cordice was arrested at her home in July 2018 and denied any sexual contact with the complainant when interviewed under caution.


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