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APC Suffers Another Setback as Fake Ballard Letter is Debunked

The APC has suffered a major setback as Brian Ballard, the CEO of a consulting firm; Ballard Partner, has come out to debunk a forged letter in its name, circulating in Nigeria’s social media space. The letter which has since been debunked as forged and fake, stated that the APC had an upper hand, following a survey conducted by the Ballard Partners on behalf of the PDP, in the upcoming presidential election.


The PDP Presidential campaign in recent times, has gathered enormous momentum, enough that people are already calling the election for the major opposition party. Twitter handles allegedly loyal to the ruling APC, released the Ballard Story to dampen the high spirit of the PDP as they head towards the polls in the next 72hrs. Brian Ballard stated clearly in his tweet that he has not conducted any polls regarding the upcoming presidential election for the PDP. A careful perusal of the letter will show the lines made when the signature of Brian Ballard was scanned unto the fake letter.


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