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Kendall Jenner’s Nude Photos Leak Online…

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Leave it to the internet to take a bad situation and make it even worse. Nude photos of model and reality star Kendall Jenner were leaked and shared online Tuesday night. Twitter users have used it as a chance to target the reality TV star-turned-model with body-shaming comments.

The photos, which came from a photo shoot with Russell James that were meant to be published in an upcoming book titled “Angels,” were released without his permission, according to TMZ.

Now, Twitter users are body-shaming Jenner on the social media platform, many of whom said she looked underweight.

“See Kendall Jenner trending so I clicked it & I really wish I hadn’t.. she’s so skinny, sis needs to eat,” one user said.

“Kendall Jenner built like a boy who think he a girl but was born as a boy,” another wrote with laughing emojis.

“Those naked pics of Kendall Jenner got me dying! Why would she do that! SKELETON!!!” another tweeted.

Others took it upon themselves to express their disgust and disapproval of the photos.

“Who lied to Kendall Jenner and told her that those pictures of her running naked were good ???” one user tweeted.

“please stop retweeting those Kendall Jenner pics k thx,” one tweeted with a video of girl gagging.

“Kendall Jenner naked??? sounds like (an) American horror story,” another said.

Not all the comments were negative, however. Some Twitter users supported Jenner and even called out the body-shamers.

“People are literally body shaming Kendall Jenner for being ‘too skinny’ but bashing her sisters for getting surgery. You people are stupid and confused,” one person tweeted.

“The body shaming/hate on Kendall Jenner rn is so hypocritical,” another pointed out.

Jenner, who has been attending fashion shows in New York as part of New York Fashion Week, has not publicly commented on the photos. Neither has James.


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